August 13 - Special Operative Nata and Fireworks!

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.

Bug Fixes:


Violet’s skills have had another writer pass, most skill and skill cube descriptions have been updated to make more sense with how the skill actually works.


Levia’s EX Dimensional Singularity: Flash of Pain skill cube description has been reworded to make more sense.

Gel Conversion:

The 7th piece of the Amethyst costume has been added back to the season 2 crafting tab, this piece can now be crafted!

Known Issues:

Login Screen:

There is a unintended unlocalized string on the main login screen, this will be removed soon!

Firework Event UI:

The Firework event help UI has the wrong event info posted, this will be updated soon.
There are some text overruns on the event UI, these will also be cleaned up soon.

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