August 27 - Wolfgang and Special Operative Tina

edited August 2018 in Patch Notes

Read our patch preview here!

Additionally, here are some bug fixes and known issues for this update.

Bug Fixes


Violet’s EP 32. To the Heart of UNION - A Man in the Sky quest has now been translated.


Violet’s Royal Sovereign Gloves are now named correctly. Violet is a proper gal who wears gloves on her hands, not shoes.

Violet’s Sapphire Ruby and Sapphire weapon costumes are named correctly now.

The Magenta Summer Eye lense effect is now fixed and should display correctly on all characters.


The EXP/PNA bar on the controller HUD has now been fixed and should display correctly.


The Wolfdogs dungeon clear NPC that shows up at the end of the dungeon is now correctly named! - Trainer is here to help you sell and salvage items at the end of dungeon clears now!

Known Issues:

Wolfgang - Costumes:

Some of Wolfgang’s costumes are missing variant names, these will be fixed soon!

Wolfgang - Skills:

Wolfgang has some minor skill description bugs that are known and will be fixed soon.
Skill: Iron Claw - Skill description has a minor extra period at the end of it’s skill description.
Skill Cube: Sanguine Grasp: Stat Increase skill cube has a minor spacing issue in it’s skill cube description.
Skill: Summon - Eligos has minor text issues, localization text strings are visible.
Skill: Special Move: Belial has minor text issues, localization text strings are visible.


The cutscene subs for the Wildhüter team have a minor decoding issue when the word “Wildhüter” is used, this known and will be fixed soon.

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