If I log in after maintenance and can't claim the random pet box from the event, I will be quitting.



  • @WAKY5LXHHW said:

    @a1gundam said:
    I don't care about the dumb pet but they could have made it a 24 hour window. I've been working 10 hour days the job is 50 minutes away. There's 12 hours (and weird hours it's 8pm to 6:30am est) and I have other responsibilities too. I only play in the morning through the week before I go to bed and I have other things to do than to be arsed with a live stream. That's just me though everybody has different things going on irl. Our lives don't revolve around a video game.

    obviously it does revolve around a game. since u came here to make a statement.
    if u dont care about the pet, why even comment this post? please take the pet box and destroy it once u get it.

    Lol. I just saw the thread and contributed to it unlike you.

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