Wildhuter questing is so smooth, thanks!

edited August 2018 in Closers Feedback

I made this thread to show my apreciation to Naddic in the changes of questing of Wildhuter characters. The most frustating part of doing quests with Black Lambs and Wolf Dogs characters is having to go in a mission, do it, talk with a NPC, go to the same mission on a harder level, repeat the process, then start from the beggining doing the skirmish version of the mission later... With Wolfgang you just need to do the same mission 2 times or do it at different difficulties without talking to a NPC between them. This a change of quality of life that makes you enjoy more the storyline, i'm very hyped to play all of the Wildhuter characters thanks to this! :smile:


  • I also enjoyed how the school area was very short for a change. it always felt so boring questing in that high school for some reason.

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