Allow Wildhunter bundles to be used with future Wildhunter characters.

Anyway so turns out that the Wildhunter bundles are not going to work with any Wildhunter characters aside from Wolfgang. Here's a quote from staff on this.

@Katrian said:
Unfortunately, the Wildhuter bundles can only be used for current characters.
@Katrian said:
To be fair, I was just passing along information :). Either way, it seems the packs will only be available for current characters.
@Katrian said:
That is a definite answer at this time, I have confirmed with the goons in charge of these things.

I find this very misleading and feels pretty awful considering there is no fineprint on the sale page or even the items that this is the case.
Alternatively adding a disclaimer about the actual limitations of an in-game item in the future would be greatly appreciated.

Not writing this because I feel ripped off or anything, the bundle has value apart from the main costumes (mainly the EMP and elite) but I still feel like this could have been conveyed a lot better and would like to see this made clearer in the future. Adjustments could also be made so that this isn't an issue in the more immediate future. I think many players who don't frequent the forums will be very disappointed when they can't use their Wildhunter bundle with whichever Wildhunter character they plan on playing. I personally think allowing these bundles to work with Wildhunter characters which do have the costumes available would be the best course of action.


  • what about if they did Dark Command Bundles not exactly like the current ones but ones that will include the Signature Costumes at a cheaper rate when the other 3 WildHuter Characters are released and could include it on Steam also, something similar to like how they have the Nightmare Costume Bundle.

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