What do you guys think will be the "best"/"most op" class?Or which class are u gonna prefer to play?

What do you guys think will be the "best"/"most op" class?Or which class are u gonna prefer to play? 53 votes

Seha (Striker)
HimeAkeidaNatoriousKinotsuidleSTARFISHUnknowntike36TrickZeroKazinkasRaiynerKiriDonezoCielyReguretlvoidgaminglDraciusen 15 votes
Sylvie (Caster)
LovelyLeviaKFungAurackSteamaxTheReaperskajithRebekahMSiegheart6WGM3ER7M5BritneyFPG9CT37DEDeathNepRhginblackUnknownXiandraLunaerlbendro 17 votes
Yuri (Ranger)
YoburiDarkufiedPokechuTaigaSpecterPsiwriAdagakiKuroiKagegashiMXL34EGWXKR4Y4X7JKCCZeroZukayLgoUnitingRetrad 13 votes
Misteltein (Lancer)
SaekiSenpaiExiosKabegami 3 votes
J (Fighter)
BuckleTheUsernameIsTakenSeithyDrBuumZairell 5 votes


  • Misteltein (Lancer)

    Who gives a whatever the fudge. Just play what's fun.

  • Seha (Striker)

    ^ this guy gets it

  • I think Seha honestly. Like true damage is just a busted concept in itself, but having so much of it in his moveset, while still having basically as much mobility and utility as you'd expect from a character, it's pretty nutty.

  • Sylvie (Caster)

    I maining Sylvi since started in original servers, i like casters in any mmo i played (and Mistel too) Eventually create them all for teamwork buff anyways >3>

  • Seha (Striker)

    everyone hating on J, he's a cool old man.. but i voted seha because he was obviously the alpha male of pvp

    misteltein looks so cute but i dont want to play him without avatars

  • @Ramji My vote.

  • LovelyLeviaLovelyLevia Member
    edited November 2017
    Sylvie (Caster)

    I mained both Sylvi and Tein before, so Im thinking of either Main Sylvi again or who ever looks good in the craftable set yuri fun too. Tein will be my main grill tho XD

  • Yuri (Ranger)

    I'm maining yuri~ <3 She was super fun in alpha~ But I'll probably level one of each of the characters anyways~ No reason not to and we get teamwork bonus too ;3

  • Misteltein (Lancer)


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