Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the official Closers forums!

First of all, hi! I'm Spacecats from the En Masse Community Team. You'll see me and other En Masse staff around the forums as you post, answering questions when we can and adding our two cents to discussions. You'll recognize En Masse staff by the blue En Masse Entertainment logo avatar (like mine). Leading up to the initial alpha, you'll get to learn about the En Masse Closers team, our relationship with Naddic, and how we plan to support the game and run exciting events!

As you can see these forums are just getting started now that Closers is officially announced, so please make yourself at home and let us know what you're looking forward to seeing in the game by posting in General Discussion. If you see anything that needs attention with the new forums (broken page elements, odd things showing up, incorrect font colors, etc...) please let us know in General Discussion.

Once alpha and beta tests are underway, more forum categories will open up so players can begin giving us their feedback. We're looking forward to seeing the Black Lambs in action!

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