We are aware of an issue regarding Divine Battle point rewards, specifically the 25,000 point reward tier. Currently, Enhancement Booster II's are being rewarded instead of 3x Gear Booster Fuel I's. We recommend that you DO NOT claim this reward until a fix is applied on March 9. if you have already claimed this item, please contact customer support at support.enmasse.com. You can view our known issues at the following link: http://bit.ly/2v7vIoN

Removal/Deletion of Items

Can you guys make it so that only by pressing the 'Destroy' button or when the Inventory is the only tab open can you be able to remove/destroy things from your inventory?

I was opening my bank to put in 101 Exploration Coins inside the Account Bank. Unfortunately, even though the icon covered 90% of the slot, the game registered it as me wanting them removed. In my haste I clicked the button, realizing too late that a pop-up window doesn't show when placing items, only when removing stuff.

This is gonna be a lesson for me to triple check everything.

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