[Request/Suggestion] Change the name of Great Purge Ops

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Hello there. I am here to talk a little about the name of the new raid that we will be receiving very shortly. The most recent patch notes have called this the "Great Purge Ops", however, I believe there is a name that would be more fitting. I would suggest the new raid to be called "Purification" instead because, let's face it, other regions are using similar names to it besides us. The Korean server uses 오염위상 (Contamination), the Japanese server uses ピュリフィケーション (Purification), and the Chinese server uses 净化扩 (roughly Purification).

I would like everyone to vote here. PLEASE BE WARY YOU SHOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO VOTE ONCE: http://www.strawpoll.me/16443187

Thank you for your time in reading this and have a good day.


  • Everyone calls it that, plus "Great Purge Ops" sounds disgusting after being used to the other names for it. It doesn't fit in the slightest.
    +1 to it being called Purification.

  • Agree with you.
    +1 to Purification

    Who's the hell comes with "Great Purge Ops"? Is it the same person who came up with Tina vs Harpy event?)

  • I'm not a fan of "Great Purge" reminds me of the purge movies and not what I'd call the new pg raids. I'm all for using Purification as the official name.
    +1 for this.

  • tbh naming the map called "Great Purge Ops" sounds so lame, wish they could get names more suitable than this.

  • Name is okay.

  • To be honest I like the new name. I will still say Puri for Purification lol (To save some time) but I don´t have any problem with great purge ops...This people sound more like nostalfag than other thing...WELL. No matter what you do people will always be unsatisfied. This remind me when Seulbi came to this version with the name "Silvy" OH the salt.

  • Its just a god damn name yall gotta chill for a bit here. Whatever people like it or not lets just respect that. We are people lol no need to disrespect eachother coz we have different views on this. My opinion? I am fine with the name how it is

  • Purification JU SE YO

  • Thye changed names fo many things and somehow it's better now.
    What sounds better - Sylvi or Serubi? Of course Sylvi.
    What sounds better Purification or Great Purge Ops? Of course Great Purge Ops.

    Ppl who says it should be Purification probably played on the other version of the game and got used to the name "purification".

  • its called purification ops ingame tho?

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