September 12 - Max Level Cybernetic Overdrive

edited September 2018 in Patch Notes

Read our patch preview here!

Bug Fixes:


Wolfgang can now open the Ideal Planar Gate Module box.
The 90-day Midnight Phase Wings box is now named correctly.


Tina’s Special Operative illustration has been added to the game and can be used.


Wolfgang’s Powerful Shot skill cube description has been updated to reference the correct skill name.

Crew Rankings:

Crew rankings have been slightly adjusted so that Crew Flags can be gained.
More tweaks will be coming to the crew ranking system soon, stay tuned for them.

Known Issues:

Awakened Skills:

Some awakened skills have a few minor skill description bugs, these will be fixed soon!

Purification Ops UI:

There are a couple places where text is overlapping some UI element, these will be cleaned up where possible to make things look a little nicer.

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