Costume Bundles, expensive or not? Let's review them!

So the first thing I did after starting Closers was to check the new EMP store because alpha didn't have one.
Everything has an acceptable (For now) price but the costume bundles are way too pricey or so I thought...
Going by the sole $20 tag even Kritika gives more value to your money for 10 dollars less (And yes this includes more costume pieces and even stats).

I checked first why are the bundles are so expensive and if it's worth it or not but I ended up noticed some things and for the record the school and sonata bundles (Using Silvi sets as example) assuming the costume pieces are priced going by the invisible pieces tag (400 EMP each) they are so worth your $20... Yes, like I said before, if we assume an average costume piece is priced 400 EMP, the first sets have a total of 7 pieces: Headpiece, top, hands, legs and shoes, weapon skin and invisible full set piece (This one hides all your costume parts), if all of them are worth 400 EMP then it all comes to down to a whooping 2800 EMP. You would be saving yourself 800 EMP and that's almost half of the costume bundle so it's a pretty great save but... Headpieces are worth 290 EMP.
Let's assume invisible pieces are worth 400 EMP because they are special, now let's say the actual costume parts are worth 290 EMP based on the hair/headpiece price so that makes the 7 pieces bundle worth now a total of 1740 EMP (290 for 6 pieces plus 400 of the invisible full set piece) so a bundle would cost 2140. You are still saving EMP/money not a lot really but it is still better than nothing.
In case you are wondering if the costume pieces are going to be worth 400 EMP or 290 EMP it's safe to say they are not going to be 400 EMP because headpieces are 290 EMP AND there's an invisible head piece too, the price? 400 EMP. That only makes me assume invisible parts are 400 EMP because they are special.

Overall we are saving quite some money with these costume bundles, if they decide costume individual pieces are also worth 400 EMP then we are saving even more money. So here are my issues with these/aka complains:
1) Only the school bundles/recommended are worth it: Because going with the dumb math I did before I can save myself between 140-800 EMP but only for the first time... Yeah every bundle I get it's going to have a waste of 400 EMP at least because of the invisible full set piece. if unused invisible pieces can be salvaged, fused, whatever and can possible invested in profit then it's fine I guess. Let's not mention that you are also buying recolors, duh.
2) That NPC outfit for 1490 EMP trap: 4 costume pieces + 1 invisible piece. Yeah, that is actually 1560 EMP so a 100 EMP save is always welcomed but you are forced to pay $20 for it if you didn't have EMP before, the oldest of tricks.
3) The other costume bundles are more expensive for what you pay: Yeah, you are saving money buying costume bundles... Wait no, only the school and sonata ones. Why? Because only the school ones have 7 pieces in total (That either make a 2140 to 2800 total EMP cost). The other bundles have 6 pieces and are still worth $20. You are having a loss of over 100 EMP on a bundle. If you think that giving away 100 EMP
4) We need individual costumes pieces: Allowing yourself to skip the invisible full set part, weapon skin or other costume pieces would allow you to approach the vanity in this game in a more budget-friendly way. I have no idea if they are going to bring them eventually or not but for now only head piece is available and rest are just invisible versions.
5) Don't you think at the end of the day, paying either 290 or 400 EMP for a single piece it's actually too expensive? If it's invisible then I think it might be worth but for an actual costume piece I think this is too expensive. Why aren't they worth 1 dollar or so instead?

So, what do you think? Are prices good or not? I believe that if people here are shelling $150 or more for a pack I don't think these price tags will mind them sadly. But for me and some peeps I think the bundles are too pricey (Yeah after all the mathemagics we did).
I would like this to become a costume bundle/vanity discussion so you are welcomed to think that cosmetics it's entirely optional or you don't care about this at all but don't bother making posts about it.

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