October 1 - Gremory Advanced Laboratory and Special Operative Violet

edited October 2018 in Patch Notes

Bug Fixes



  • Using Overhead Barrage right after Lunging Slash will no long cause you to stick to the ground.


Crew Ranking Dungeons

  • You should no longer die during the Stage 7 boss after resurrecting.

Cash Shop:

Item Purchase Limits

  • The notice that is displayed when you exceed the item’s purchase limit has been revised, this message should be more clear now!


Harpy’s variant Dragon Breath tank top has been added to the Gel Conversion tab for 50 Season 2 Gels.

Known Issues

Costume Packs:

Tina’s alternate Dark Command Pack is missing some text strings, these will be added soon.
This is the pack that includes Tina’s old voice.


Some pets are missing their Focused Phase Force skill name, this will be fixed soon!


  • The keybinding text for the newly added Emote system is missing, this will be added soon!
  • The Change Room button on the Character Selection screen has a small art issue, this will be addressed soon.
  • The Purification Raid info page has 2 extra pages that are unintended, these will also be addressed soon!
  • The Tuning Reset button is missing text, this will be fixed soon.


Skill descriptions have undergone a big localization pass for this upcoming update and there may be some small description errors, these are still being finalized!


  • Wolfgang’s Release Event crafting tab has mistakenly ended earlier than intended
  • This tab will be re-added so that you can spend the rest of your saved up Wolfgang tokens in a hotfix. We will have more details on timing for the hotfix soon.
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