Add a way to disable the memorized explore team notification

So for those that are not aware, the game now (going by what the notification says) saves the character and pets that are sent out on exploration missions so you can (I'm guessing) immediately send them out the following day.

The problem is that when I'm not interested in actively playing a character, I'll send them out on more than one mission each day. At present, there is a notice that pops up saying that a character and/or pet has been saved to another exploration mission and that selecting them will reassign them to the newly selected mission. This notice pops up every time this is done.

I want a way to be able to permanently make the notice go away. I'm not saying to get rid of the notice altogether, but perhaps add an option that allows you to forgo it. It's only the first day, and I'm already annoyed thinking about how I'm going to have to OK it 4 times every explore mission every day from here on. I suppose it's not as bad as having to re-select the same characters/pets each day, but for me the annoyance has simply been replaced by a new one.

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