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Feedback on the second wave of the Limited Time bundles

A link to the feedback from the first wave for context on what I'm posting here: https://forums.enmasse.com/closers/discussion/8892/feedback-on-the-limited-time-bundles#latest

Two weeks later, we have two new bundles here to buy: The Super Sale Pack and the Premium Super Sale Pack. The former is $5 for Visual Slot Unlock Tickets for Hat / Head / Cheek / Chin / Back / Arm / Waist / Leg / Eye / Effect, a 3* Panda Pajama Box, a Hyperclocked Equalizer, 15 days of Elite, and 55 resurrection capsules. The latter is $10 for Visual Slot Unlock Tickets for Weapon / Hair / Chest / Legs / Gloves / Feet / Full Body, 30 days of Elite / Garden / Maid, a +12 gear booster, ans a 3* Perfect Soldier set (A7 accessories).

Let me just start this off with THIS IS A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT OVER THE LAST BUNDLES. Everything I see with these bundles seems like a positive to me, and to list these positives off:
1. It's $15 for both bundles ($5 and $10 apiece), as opposed to a $50 and $100 bundle in the last iteration.
2. There isn't any exclusives being locked behind these bundles. All items have alternate ways of being obtained.
3. Nothing excessively important is being paywalled (3* wings, +13 booster, etc).
4. There isn't price bloating with excessive elite/garden/maid (yeah it's in there but the price is so low that even if you don't need any of it, the bundle is still a good deal).
5. For players who don't need the visual slots for their main character, it incentivizes them to not waste the slots and instead use the slots on a second character and play them as well.

The accessible pricing and good value in these bundles make them something that a lot of players desire. The bundles haven't been out for an hour by the point of my posting this and I've already seen quite a few free to play players wanting to get these packs. The cheap pricing of them also allows streamers like myself to invest into a few to giveaway if so desired.

All in all, you guys did amazing here. Keep it up!


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