October 16 - Halloween Update

edited October 2018 in Patch Notes

Read the full patch notes here.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug that kept Crews from gaining crew EXP. You should now be able to level up crews again!


  • Fixed a small spelling error on Sylvi’s Phased Bits skill, this skill name should no longer read “Phased Bit Bits”.

Known Issues

Halloween Dungeon

  • The Event MissionMinder is called the Summer Event Dungeon, this is obviously incorrect since it’s October.


  • Some of Wolfgang’s EX skills need some small skill description edits, these will be coming soon.


  • The Purification pets (Harpas, Yod and Tindalos) introduced in the Purification Ops update cannot be awakened, these pets are not intended to be awakened. This will be fixed soon in an upcoming build!
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