Feedback on the third wave of the Limited Time bundles

Week 1:
Week 2:

Two weeks later, we have two new bundles here to buy: The Premium Halloween Deal and the Special Halloween Deal. The former is $25 for a +12 Gear Booster, 1 Amplification Platinum Chip Random Box, 10 Slot Type Modification Tools, 200 Phase Fibers, 200 Greater Phase Fibers, 10 Performance Fabric Relaxers, 40 Performance Fabric Treatments, a Pumpkin Mage Fascinator, a Pumpkin Mage Corsage, and a Pumpkin Mage Waist Bow. The latter is $80 for a Trembling Phantom Aura ("wings"), a +13 Gear Booster, a 2-star UNION guard costume full set, 3 Amplification Platinum Chip Random Boxes, a Real Platinum Driver, 300 Phase Fibers, 300 Greater Phase Fibers, 30 Splendid Phase Fibers, 10 Performance Fabric Relaxers, 40 Performance Fabric Treatments, and 5 Synchro Fibers.

The first thing I want to say is THERE ARE NO EXCLUSIVES IN THESE BUNDLES. The Pumpkin Mage accessories are 190 EMP in the EMP store, and the Trembling Phantom Aura is in the contribution shop. Here are images showing both:

Overall I would say that these bundles are "average". They aren't amazing like week 2, but they don't have huge glaring issues like week 1. Here's the overall pros / cons of these two bundles:

  1. The bundles are decent values overall, but a lot of the value of the bundles are stuffed into the Phase Fibers / Tuning materials. The value drops immensely if you don't need tuning materials.
  2. The random Platinum chip could be worth anywhere from below 1 mil (dark / black) or be worth upwards of 80 mil (air chip). The variance on these makes it hard to value them.
  3. The +12 booster is relatively worthless since it's only use is to burn on an amp or pray you can make it become a +13. The +13 booster is nice, but one was previously put into a $50 bundle.

However, even though I think these bundles aren't the best values overall, I want to heavily emphasize that these are still good bundles if you need the costume tuning options. I'm also happy that there are not any exclusives being paywalled, and that there is not any massive maid/gardening/elite bloating.

TLDR; Bundles are decent, buy if you want to tune your costumes.


  • I'd also like to tack on that I think that one of the main reasons why the second wave bundles were so popular was the low price. $50, $80, $100 bundles aren't going to cut it for the average player. It's a much better value for me to wait for the next eventual release of another iteration of the Ace Founder or Wildhuter Ace bundles and spend on those instead of these high price bundles.

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