10/30 Bug Fixes/Known Issues

edited October 2018 in Patch Notes

In addition to the patch notes here, known issues and bug fixes for the 10/28 update can be found below.

Bug Fixes

Purification Mission List

  • Fixed a bug regarding the objective text for the missions in the Purification Ops Center.


  • Tina’s Ninja costume now shows up correctly when equipped on her.

Known Issues

EMP Shop

  • Soma’s Starter Package has a unintended item added to it’s item shop description, the package does NOT include a +12-13 Gear Booster Pouch.


  • Upgrading the following costumes will cause a disconnect. We are going to get a fix out for this with the next update.
    -- Soma's Han High School Costume
    -- All of Soma's EMP Hair Costumes
    -- Soma's Panda Pajamas
    -- Soma's Bear Pajamas

  • Soma’s Sky Battle costume pieces still need their final localization, the name of these costumes will be incorrect for now.
    Wolfgang’s Madman costume needs it’s official variant costume names still, this will be fixed soon.


  • Soma’s level up event text has a small bug that mentions Harpy in it, this will be fixed soon.


  • A few of Soma’s skills have some small text errors, most of these have already been address and will be updated soon!
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