Localization Hotfix 10/30

Bug Fixes:


The Multidimensional Crystal Fragment has the proper localization now.
It no longer says that it produces Evening Gown washing machines.

Soma’s Premium Starter Package has had it’s EMP shop description edited to remove the unintended +12/+13 Gear Booster Pouch text.


Soma’s Sky Fleet costume now has the correct variant names.
Morning Sky (A)
Midnight Sky (B)
Blue Sky (C)

Soma’s Jade Yukata Sandal was using the wrong variant name, this has been corrected.

Wolfgang’s Madman costume now has the correct variant name.
Crimson Madman (A)


Fixed some text errors on Soma’s following skill descriptions:
Indra’s Lightning
Special Move: Divine Fire
Phase Wave Bullet


Soma’s leveling event no longer mentions Harpy in it’s event description.

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