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Hi, i try search about this, but i'm very confused, for now i can found to work with costumes upgrade/tuning/salvage/fibers, i would like to know the differences betwen them and for what is every one, and how make a specific costume, usually i found the costumes need to be upgraded to 2 stars, then mix them with fibers..., it was the same recipe for any costume, ..., anyway i don't get it, if someone can explain this please.


  • A lot of this is RNG for the most part and it's not exactly "Making costumes".

    Upgrading: The NPC named Dr Jung has an option that lets you upgrade costumes and accessories by using phase fibers. To upgrade a 1* costume to 2*, you need normal phase fibers and to upgrade a 2* costume to 3*, you need greater phase fibers. Both types of fibers can be gotten from salvaging other costumes or from events, certain dungeons, etc. 3* is the highest level for costumes. Whatever the case, Dr Jung herself has a chart telling you how many you need of any fiber required.

    Synchro Fibers: These fibers allow you to combine 2* or 3* costumes in hopes of getting Signature Costumes. The current signature costume set available is the Cybernetic set (Soma only has the Dark Command set, but only she has access to it atm, no one else can get it unless you buy it from the black market). To actually do this, you need a costume for your char and one other costume of the same type (weapons need weapons, top pieces need top pieces, etc). The chance of success is based on the rarity of the costumes in question. 2* rarity has a 10% chance of success, 3* has a 75% chance of success. Failure simply allows you to take back the costume (for your char) that you selected or lets you take a random costume it made, you get to choose which of the two.

    Other notes: The main reason people upgrade costumes is because higher rarity costumes have more tuning slots... in short, better stats lol. Some costume sets also have special poses and such when you assemble the set, so people like that too.

  • so upgrading is usually for upgrading a 1* accessory to 2* to salvage to get greater phase fibers which you can then use to upgrade a 2* costume to 3* (usually a weapon/hair/top/bottom/gloves/shoes to use for conversion for signature costumes via synchro fibers). To convert a costume you need one base item of the class you want to convert on and then any other costume piece of the same kind (so to convert a weapon you need a weapon of the class you are playing and another weapon) Sometimes you can get 3* accessories which you can salvage to get splendid phase fibers to craft performance fabric treatments to tune 3* costumes (only certain pieces can get certain stats) or performance fabric relaxers to restore the tuning attempts on 3* costume. Tuning works the same way with regular equipment it's just that it's with costumes. You CAN convert 2* costumes but using 3* costumes has a better chance to make a signature piece. Hope this helps because I'm bad at explaining >.>

    Here's the list of optimal costume tunings for each piece:

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    COSTUME MERGING (Need Synchro Fiber)
    In order to merge costumes to obtain a Rare Costume Set, such as Dark Command, you first need a Synchro Fiber. These can be obtained via the Cash Shop or the BM (Black Market). From there, you need to right click on the synchro fiber and select a base (your character's) costume part. The second step is using the same costume part of any other character's (including your own) of the same rarity. (E.g 2-star costume part w/ 2-star costume part, 3-star costume part w/ 3-star costume part). The success rate to merge a 3-star costume is 75%, while 2-star costumes are 10%.
    If you fail a merge you can choose to retain the base costume or obtain any random piece costume listed. If you're successful then you obtain the same piece of the Dark Command costume (For Soma) or Cybernetics (For Black Lambs).

    Event Costumes
    Craft them in event tab with event tokens

    General Costumes
    Obtained by gacha, EMP store, steam/online store packs

    Boss Drop Costume
    They drop from bosses...

    What you want end game are the 3 star rare costume sets. There are currently two types, Cybernetics and Dark Command. Dark Command is out of season for Black Lambs and only Soma can synchro that. You will get Cybernetics on black lambs if you synchro. Rare sets have the 10/10 set effect which is what you want .General costumes don't have up to 10/10. The 2nd best set would be the Nightmare set that you can purchase in the EMP store and occasionally in the website store. Happy merging~

  • Hi!, Thx for all explanations, now is more clear.

    Some questions, is there some other benefits upgrading gear to 2? like i have a costume of 1, and i like it, so i'll don't use it for the rare costumes.

    I notice there is some parts hard to get in this method, like wings, is there some easy mode to get this type of pieces? (other options more than black market and use EMP)


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    Normally the higher the star, the more stats it gives. You also want to get 3 star costumes to synchro because it gives you a higher % chance to obtain the rare set piece. 2 star part merging has a lower % chance of getting it

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    Ways to get wings in the game: Housing crystal craft, RNG drop from specific dungeons, gacha, cash shop packs, purification achievements

  • @Adorable said:
    Ways to get wings in the game: Housing crystal craft, RNG drop from specific dungeons, gacha, cash shop packs, purification achievements

    Contribution exchange shop have them too, though not a realistic way to get them

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    oh yeah that too

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