Feedback on the HoneysGaming sponsored(?) stream

For those who do not know, there was a sponsored(?) stream today at HoneysGaming channel: . I will also be utilizing their twitter at for some of what I discuss below.


With that out of the way, I'm going to be bluntly honest here: I would label this stream and giveaway a complete and utter failure. I could understand blunders like this coming from inexperienced individuals but the twitch channel has VODs going back to April 2017. The lack of chat interaction was beyond unreasonable, and I'll explain more on that later in this post. Additionally, the way that this event was approached by both major parties (EME and HoneysGaming) felt exceptionally unprofessional at best, as if this event was more of a spur-of-the-moment thing. This theory is solidified more by a user on discord by the name of 'LCPL Cat#6100' (who has some affiliation with HoneysGaming based on their messages in chat / in DMs) stating that "it's more of a company thing, they got codes to giveaway". Assuming that their credentials / words are true, that means that these codes were pretty much ready to give out. One other thing that solidifies this idea is the fact that the code gave two things: The first is the $50 collector's edition box, and the second is the exact same box from the current MMORPG giveaway for Closers (even the same box name).

However, despite there being enough evidence to believe these claims to be true, I'm going to ignore this and focus on tackling nothing but hard facts on what all went wrong and why it was an issue overall.

This morning when I saw the retweet on the Closers twitter about the giveaway (6 and a half hours before the start time as a side note, with no sight of any prior tweet / notification to let us know it was happening) I decided to do a bit of digging because it was a HUGE giveaway for a name I hadn't heard of yet. In my digging I discovered the following facts about HoneysGaming:
1. Their tweet was posted two days prior on November 5th (why wasn't the Closers community told anything in advance?)
2. Their twitter had 49,9k followers.
3. In contrast, their stream had 571 followers as of the time I checked this morning. (To put things in perspective I personally have 657 followers.)
4. They had VODs going back to April 2017 of a variety of AAA titles and other big name games, but no gameplay of CLOSERS.
5. I found no mention of Closers on their twitter besides the post about the giveaway today.
6. The majority of tweets on the twitter were about anime and manga, and posts about gaming were scarce compared to ones on anime/manga.

To put numbers into perspective, their twitch channel that has existed for 18 months (minimum) has 1.14% of the follow count of their twitter. I would assume this means that either the gaming channel isn't fleshed out all that well, or their audience isn't one that really cares about their gaming content. The exceptionally low frequency of tweets relating to games solidifies the idea that gaming isn't anywhere near their main thing.

At this point, I want to ask the first major question that's bugging me: Why were they chosen for this promotion? Other than Closers being an anime style game and them making anime-related posts I don't really see how Closers would really apply to what they do AT ALL. To me this is the equivalent of asking a well-known Italian chef to make you scrambled eggs.

However, we'll brush past that and move onto the next major issue: The stream itself. The stream itself seemed to have little to no planning at all. The initial plan for the giveaway was to randomly post the codes in chat and let the first person to put it in their launcher get the rewards. I wish I could be joking but I watched the first five codes get passed out like this. I got the third code, and tried to grab the fourth and fifth to have more evidence that this event was horrendously planned. However, I was unable to redeem the fourth and fifth codes so I can safely assume that EME at least made it so one person can't redeem multiple. After posting five codes the giveaway was swapped to a raffle based system and the rest were (thankfully) raffled off. I am pleased that the stream improved in this manner at a minimum.

The last paragraph ended on a positive note so we're past the bad, right? I wish, but the next issue was the massive lack of chat interaction. Chat was rioting and complaining about the way the codes were being handed out after the FIRST code dropped. I left the stream after the fifth one was dropped so I can personally attest that it took at least 4 more codes to drop before the streamer in question. The codes were spaced around 1.5-2 minutes apart (at least) so I can attest that it took at least 6-8 minutes for the streamer to read chat and the wall of concerns about this exceptionally shoddy method. Additionally, once it was swapped to a giveaway system (from what I heard via multiple people's recounts of the stream) there were a ton of people asking if the giveaway needed to be re-entered each time or not and they never got an answer.

Finally, the last major issue with the stream was the gameplay. The earliest level I can see on the screen is that the streamer's Seha was level 12. An entire 2+ hours later the stream ended with them at level 15. During this time there was quite frequent stream crashes as well. I'm not going to fault the streamer on this, because internet issues can happen. They at least went in the chat and gave out the codes despite the lack of stream, so I do want to commend them on at least finishing the giveaway. However, from the little bit of gameplay that was available, a large amount of it involved various players on their level 83 characters with full T3 puri deleting these level 10 dungeons, making it so that the streamer who was doing a sponsored stream to showcase the game was instead just watching a pretty effects show while walking to grab loot. So on top of the lack of experience on the game from the streamer, various players went and took reins of the gameplay which made the streamer more or less obsolete in regards to the gameplay.


  • I don't want to remain anonymous, so I fully support this and am glad you decided to use 2 of my quote Solby

  • I do want to say that, I hold NO ill-will towards HoneyGaming and EME

    To me, you addressed all the major irks I had about the entirety of the stream. Since it was streaming at 4pm PST, I was in school at the time studying, but I still tuned in. During the stream it did bother me a lot that the streamer had a randomizer that wasn't properly working, to me that sends a red flag that it wasn't planned out effectively, to do some initial testing, so instead of trying to fix the randomizer, the solution was to chuck the code into the chat and to whomever enters it first wins. The requirements are to follow the channel, and be in chat, but since the solution was to chuck it into chat, it screws over those who want to enter, but isn't on their computer with the launcher open (i.e. twitch mobile, public computers, work computers etc.) and gave priority to those who were already at the comfort of their laptops/computers with the launcher at the ready. It wasn't done once but 5x, which is basically $250 items that they couldn't partake in due to their situation despite their eligibility.

    While I don't mind new streamers picking up and promoting Closers, especially if it's their first baby steps into the game, any mistakes is usually fine. But when it is a streamer(s) that is sponsored(?) by EME, or at the very least advertised by EME, you would expect some sort of like knowledge to shine the game in a good light. That wasn't the case when it came down to the stream, while personal preference exist, the streamer remapped his movement keys to WASD, which literally locked him out of 3/4 of his abilities the only exception is his FM1. So he had to resort to slapping the enemies silly with basic attacks as a Seha. And as a Seha player and streamer, I know how fun Seha can get, but seeing a Seha slap mobs silly, whittling basic low level mobs health down to 3-4 basic combos, at least to me paints Seha in a negative and boring light. On further analysis, it seems to me that this person seemed very new to sidescrollers, as evident to the gameplay, mapping of the keybindings etc. One could argue that he is new to the game, but he has stated in the beginning of his stream that he has played it before during Beta, so he should have some knowledge of how to play, but it was evident to how he played that he seems new to the sidescroller genre.

    These were just my personal irks about it but just to reiterate I hold NO ill-will towards HoneyGaming and EME

  • Or any parties involved for that manner...I forgot to add that in :peepoChrist:

  • This feedback is pretty fair and constructive. It's important to ensure the whole Closers experience, events included, are done with the utmost quality and care. Seems like there wasn't enough planning and organization to this one.

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