11/12 Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bug Fixes:


Soma’s costume pieces should no longer disconnect you when upgrading them.


Wolfgang’s SM4 has been updated with the correct naming conventions for special move skills.

Fixed a bug regarding quest mission text; [Above Recon Difficulty] has been reworded slightly to: [Recon difficulty or above].

The upgrading/tuning system has had it’s not enough materials message reworded slightly so the message works for both systems now.


The text on some of the Transcendence upgrade materials have been updated, hopefully this should make things more clear on which materials are used for each Transcendence step.

Known Issues:

Contamination Hell:

The Contamination Level counter in the dungeon is slightly to long for the screen, this is known and will be adjusted soon.

There is a unintended text string on the Contamination Raid UI menu that states that the Overflowed event happens every 30 minutes, this is not true and this message will be taken out.
Actual Overflowed event times can be found in the Guide page under the Contamination Hell section.

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