11/27 Bug Fixes and Known Issues

edited November 2018 in Patch Notes

The following are bug fixes and known issues for the November 27 update. Check out the patch preview here.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the Silver Desperado badge.

EMP Delivery Box:

  • The black question mark items showing up in some users delivery boxes should now be fixed and removed.

Black Market:

  • The Transcendence Accelerant levels 4 and 5 materials can now be listed on the Black Market.
  • The new Contamination Hell modules can now be listed on the Black Market.

Known Issues


  • Soma’s Security Guard costume package that is for sale in the EMP shop is missing it’s package name, this will be fixed later!
  • It is currently not possible to use the new +1 Gear Booster in the enhancement UI. We are looking into a timeline on a fix for this.
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