So the Mixed Damage Girls

So I've noticed that my tuning/chip luck on my characters has been terrible in that on my Tina and Harpy, I get psi options, and on my Wolf and Mist, I get physical options. So then I thought, "Why not make one of the mixed damage characters so I won't punch my computer as I look for my reset items?"

So basically, can anyone tell me the Strengths/Weaknesses and overall playstyle/feel of them? I guess since Bai is probably coming out early next year, I wonder about her as well.


  • I played both.

    For Yuri, her play style is pretty simple and easy to pick up with a lot of vertical mobility skills. But her tuning options has to be balanced for both phy and psi to reach max dmg. Eg, any phy power tunes should be matched with an equivalent psi power tune and same goes for crit dmg. This is due to her passive which gives 0.3 of her phy pwer/ crit dmg to psi power/ crit dmg and vice versa. But if you dont care about min/ max then she can go with any dmg related tunes except chase related tunes. The weakness of her imo is that a lot of her skills take a long time to complete its animation and she has the lowest atk spd weapon.

    For Violet, her play style sounds simple but it is pretty hard to execute since it involves button combos like dash attack(> > z) or dash jump attack (> > x z) and her FM2 is incredibly hard to control without a lot of practice, since it turns normal movements into dashes. Tunes wise, Violet can use any except attack speed which makes it really easy to build her as she uses air/back/chase in almost all her attacks.

    Chips wise, the core is easy to build but the module is not. For cores, Yuri can use all except black slots and violet can use all except black and purple so it is not as rigid as other characters who have to go red/yellow/plat or blue/green/plat. On the other hand, they lose out a lot in modules compared to other characters. Since they are hybrid characters, they need penetration for both phy and psi. However, a dual red/blue chip only gives about 5% effective penetration for hybrid while a single red or blue chip gives 9% for single stat characters. So building penetration on hybrids is in general harder unless you can afford/ is lucky to get platinum slots on your modules.

  • Man. And here I thought it would be easy street. Gotta say though, Yuri having low attack speed and long skill animations kind of turns me away.

  • Having to build into a suitable attack speed with a sharp core is part of it, there's also Bai later which looks incredibly fun at high attack speeds. Also helps that she never runs out of cooldowns when played properly.

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    @Soleann said:
    Man. And here I thought it would be easy street. Gotta say though, Yuri having low attack speed and long skill animations kind of turns me away.

    Yuri isnt slow, check my yuri soloing contam hell, i have 1.15-1.20 atk speed :) Yuri is fun to play! :) I have violet combos out there as well, you can check it

  • Yuri's only slow if you let yourself to be slow lol
    My Speed tunes aren't perfect yet but Im lingering around 1.08 - 1.10 atk speed. if you min-max as Yuri Im quite sure you'll easily hit
    1.15 speed.

  • @Soleann
    here my yuri gameplay too,shes anything but slow yuri is fun and easy character

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