[EU] Selling/Trade Soma Zenith Tiara (and some zenith pieces and other stuff Soma only)

Selling Zenith Tiara's for 600M or trade it for Zenith's Cheeks.

Selling as well all 3 Stars (Soma):

  • Zenith Hair 500M
  • Zenith Chest 500M
  • Midnight Desperado Tonfa 100M

PM me ingame, IGN: Numinense


  • Sorry bout that as i went through the keyboard and didn't notice i put 600M 500M
    It's 500M for the Tiara and 400M for both Zenith Hair and Chest

  • actually never mind, if some mod can delete this up, has i only was told now that the max for personal trade is 200M and I can't even trade it through personal trade. screw that

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