12/10 Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bug Fixes

Black Market

  • Soma’s and Wolfgang’s Opera and Garden Party costumes can now be listed on the Black Market.

Gear Enhancement:

  • The +1 booster has been added to the enhancement workbench and can now be used to enhance gear!


  • The localization on the Icon costume pack has been updated. The correct functionality of this costume pack unlocks when you have all the pieces equipped, not when you have the pieces in your inventory. The localization has been updated to reflect the correct functionality of the costume pack.

  • We’ve updated the naming process on costumes. Each costume will no longer have a variant name, instead it will a base costume name. Variants of the costume will now be labeled with [Type A,B,C].


  • The Winter Event dungeon should now reset at the correct time!


  • The Disaster Trinket and Module boxes can now be opened on Wolfgang and Soma.

Known Issues


  • Luna’s Garden Party costume needs up costume piece naming updates. This will be fixed soon.

  • Luna’s Dark Command costume pieces still have the [Rare] tag on them. This will be removed soon.


  • A few of Luna’s skill cubes have a few grammar errors. These will be cleaned up soon!
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