12/18 Bug Fixes and Known Issues

edited December 2018 in Patch Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Luna’s Midnight Phase Wings rewarded from her Premium Starter Pack now have the correct tuning.
    Players who purchased this pack will be compensated with the correct tuned wings.

  • Luna’s name is no longer missing during character creation.


  • The holiday costumes rewarded from the Golden Gift Box have had their naming conventions updated.


  • Items that can be moved via Gremory’s Dimensional Box have had their item descriptions updated with a better message explaining that they can be placed in Gremory’s Dimensional Box.

  • The Talisman Random box rewarded from Exploration Mileage can now be opened.

  • Total Combat Power title ticket item names have been renamed because they were slightly to long.


  • Fixed a text bug on the Multidimensional Crystal. This should now say that it rewards Housing Washing Machines which awards the current default costume.

Known Issues


  • Some of Luna’s EX skills have some grammar errors, these will be resolved soon.
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