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Merge Black market

edited December 2018 in Closers Feedback

Think this is a must,it's already hard to find stuff in eu and this would help both server selling stuff for both servers.



  • Would be better

  • Well it sure is hard to get every Costume in the game - never felt the need for it since i am not hoarding every single color out there . . .

  • Have to add is not only buying stuff in the bm is also a problem selling costumes for another chars since chars like wolfgang or J are rarely played in eu server and their stuff dont get sold even for cheap price

  • As Enmasse has already stated, due to MY post on this topic months back, they will not be planning anytime soon on doing a Black Market merge for both NA and EU Servers of Closers. If you wish for the EU Servers to be more active, maybe give Enmasse an email and ask if they can politely transfer your account to the NA Servers. If not, then go to another server... There are many more active servers if you do not like it in EU. :)

  • +
    Really need it.

  • well, agreed o/

  • Move to NA nice joke :D Dont need more laggers

  • @RP3WYL3THX said:
    Or just advertise the fucking game

    That would be good too, the only time they did was in the first day of open beta when they hire some streamers to play it after that all was lame codes in mmo pages that no one see

  • How about we kill two birds with one stone by merging NA and EU together? That way we can fix the market/queueing issues as well as completely kill what's left of the PvP "community"?

  • GonzohGonzoh Member
    edited December 2018

    i wouldn't mind a full merge but lot of ppl would be annoyed by that since if the merge just kill eu server eu ppl would have lag in pvp and pve and would be pretty annoying to play. if we get a merge should be something different not just killing eu and putting it in na

  • PiccolaPiccola Member
    edited December 2018

    Pve is fine with 140 ping. I`m from South America and i can do pve just fine.

    But i dont play pvp just to not have and not give an unpleasent experience. But pve is really fine. Closers netcode is really something in pve.

    Btw, i agree with the black market merge. Is the perfect solution.

  • I play from EU on NA, the lag doesn't seem bad, albeit admittedly I don't do PvP.
    I do agree with the merge though, the community isn't that large for us to need two separate servers imho, but unfortunately i don't think it is possible/will happen in a long while.

  • YonggYongg Member
    edited December 2018

    @Piccola said:
    Pve is fine with 140 ping. I`m from South America and i can do pve just fine.

    But i dont play pvp just to not have and not give an unpleasent experience. But pve is really fine. Closers netcode is really something in pve.

    Btw, i agree with the black market merge. Is the perfect solution.

    While PvE isnt affected by ping that heavilly i'd like to point out some stuff that is affected by it. I play in NA server but i live in EU.

    Hall of Dragons time is affected by ping, i have roughly 150 ping to the NA server and my times have an extra 3/4 seconds added to them because of that, this has made it so even a perfect run on my end isnt enough to compete with a near perfect run on an NA's resident end. Quite niche but i think its worth pointing out as i know some people that wouldnt be happy if they suddenly cant compete for ranks just because servers decided to be merged.

    Some characters cant do certain combos with 150 ping, i believe the biggest victim to this would probably be Levia. As Levia its possible to combo in a way that you end up in nearly the same spot where you started if you're playing in low ping, this isnt possible with higher ping and it makes it so hitting back with certain skills is way harder.

    Both of my examples are quite niche and if i had to guess they arent enough of a reason for a server merge to stop happening if it were to happen, but if it was possible to make it so theres a database in Europe and another one in North America i believe that would make everyone happy and fix basically every issue, even PvP issues.

  • i need merge,i cant find any outfit for my characters FeelsBadMan

  • Many people would just play on kr or some "other" server if we merge.

  • people already moving to KR coz BM is frigging dead,10 people of my crew left and went KR,you know why?,coz BM on kr is full and not empty,some people are way invested in EU like me,i cant simply move to KR i prefer to quit the game instead,this community is too small for two servers

  • 2 people quit the game today from my crew and thats just today,we were full 2 crews and active and now all that left is like half 3/4 of a crew

  • Same I invested a bit of time in EU. If the black market were merged it would be nice but it will be quite a difficult job to do.

    But fingers crossed hopefully it can be done.

  • yea i hope so we kinda need this

  • Could i get an example what's so important in the Bm? Fairly sure the prices right?

  • the problem is not the price but the emptiness
    its rly hard to find costumes you need when you dont camp the BM at its release

  • costumes are the most important thing in BM and there are none in eu,i cant get my harpy or yuri santa coz none there,if youre not a fashion person then you wont understand the importance of that

  • JinyoJinyo Member

    "Fashion person"'s are a minority - black market merge is a band aid fix to the actualy problem of the low playerbase.
    Just advertise - everyone can do that even tho it's En masse's job.

  • reconawp1992reconawp1992 Member
    edited January 1

    well that minority led to kill half our crew people,so i woudnt say its a minority,we were 2 crews and full and active,and people started leaving coz no costumes on BM,another person left today coz no costumes on BM

  • JinyoJinyo Member

    Listen - those people found through this game one way or another. They HAD to leave. Them leaving made this game better for everyone. If more of you leave the costume prices will drop again. Atm we have to many costume whores anyway.
    Solution 2 would be getting more normal people to the game that don't have some strange fetish about colours and clothing of an fictional char.
    Zenith wings 500M+ is a joke anyways.

  • GonzohGonzoh Member

    Would be nice if someone from eme say something for onces and not only ignore it

  • reconawp1992reconawp1992 Member
    edited January 3

    ya think they gonna do it? lets see xD,i have serious doubts

  • Status of the market right now:

    And this is only some chars the others are the same or 1 page and 3-4 items in page 2
    And after this do eme still think we dont need a black market merge?

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