Upgrading PNA Genes

Hi, i'm little confused, there is some genes that we can upgrade, but others not, but when some genes i get two or more of them i can upgrade it, while other genes if i only have 1 i can upgrade...., how this works to can upgrade them?



  • In order to upgrade PNA Genes your PNA level must be at a high enough level. For example, you cannot upgrade or use lv10 genes if your PNA level is only level 5. You should be able to upgrade all PNA genes as long as your PNA level is high enough and if you have the required credits gene enhancement materials.

  • Hi, that is weird, i have enough lvl, i'm lvl 48, i have 1 Agility: Envolved (7.5% coldown reduction), and i can't upgrade it, but before i had 2 and i was able to envolve it to Agility: Completed (10% cd), i can envolve 1 but then the button to envolve was disabled, and testing seems to be enabled again....., like you only can envolve this gene if you have 2 or more.

  • You have to remove the PNA, save the PNA page and then you should be able to upgrade it.

  • Hi, all of this i did with tha pages saved.

  • you have to save afer every move you do in the PNA menu. Its a pain, but its how works.

  • Hi, yes, but i don't move anything there, i only upgrade the gene and then when i have 1 i'm unable to upgrade it until i get other...

  • You don't need duplicates to upgrade other genes, you only need a single one. There was a rare bug sometimes that doesn't allow you to upgrade a gene(or even show up) unless you change characters/log out/change channels.

  • Do you have multiple PNA pages?
    Make sure to unequip it from all of them otherwise you can't upgrade it

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