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[NA] WTB> Mini Dr. Gremory for 250m

Looking for the normal one, not the summer one. Can message on here or IGN Seseri. Thanks.


  • I did buy one gremory pet in BM at 350M...I don´t know how much cost right now but in the time that pet was new everybody wanted one and nobody sell it in BM because it´s value was higher than the limit of 500M. I don´t know if I wasted my money buying it at that price but it was the first time I could see one in BM so I didn´t think about it. It´s the best pet by far If you like to support your squad during fights. It heals, gives super armour , armor crash level and give you 300 raw and 15% crit dmg. It´s like Ms kim and traineer in one pet.

  • No offense but I'm well aware of what it does and I'm not sure why you're posting this in a thread asking to buy it when you aren't selling one. However my friend bought one for 250m last week, so clearly you can get one at that price.

  • Thanks, I just wanted to know if it´s possible to get it at a lower price than I did. Good luck finding one at that price. Now you know why I posted lol.

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