Is the % rate for 2 to 3 star costume upgrade still the same?

So that is my question. A few weeks ago I had not much problems upgrading from 2* to 3* costumes and accessories. However after the last update I have failed everytime.
A few days ago I got 3 fails in a row, yesterday 5 or 6 till I run out of fibers, today I got another fail. All this fails had been on different accessories.
Anyone else having really bad luck on this? or is just me being trolled by RNG.

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    Yes you just have bad luck. The upgrade chance from 2* to 3* haven't changed since the game release. We don't have any events that increase the rate as far as I remember.


  • Ok thanks for your reply, guess I will just have to hoard a lot of fibers :p

  • I fail 3 in a row yesterday. That 75% seems strange... haha

  • KreiserKreiser Member
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    chances are just odd and rng based the 75% is not a real % , i upgraded 8 pieces for luna to 3 star whiout fail and syncro all zenith pieces whiout a fail on her.
    Wen i tried to upgrade 1 hair for tina it failed 4 times..........luck and RNG simple as that like old brother PNA 90% success rate yet fail

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