Introducing Volunteer Community Moderators

There are many, many places to spend our time online,

We want our forums to be an inclusive, welcoming place where EME players gather to share information and stories, ask questions, and get updates. Opinions are welcome, indeed encouraged, but they should be shared with respect and treated with care. To help ensure the safety of such a vital space, we're building a team of Volunteer Moderators who will help us tend to the forums by enforcing our forum bylaws, modeling ideal behavior, and identifying, warning, and removing bad actors.

I'll introduce you to our initial team of Volunteer Moderators below. To be clear, they will be helping the EME Staff with moderation by acting in a way that is consistent with our established forum rules and policies. They are not replacing the EME Staff. I'll still be here lurking, @BearShoes will still be reading and posting. We will still be taking the feedback from these forums and elsewhere and passing them on to the appropriate teams at EME and to Naddic with a shared desire to make Closers the best and most enjoyable game that we can. If anything, the new Moderators will help ensure that we are able to catch, organize, and contextualize your feedback and notes even more efficiently.

I feel this group represents some of the best, kindest, sharpest members of the EME community that I've met thus far. I trust their intentions and judgment individually, but we'll be working as a team so I encourage you to use the Report feature if you see a post that you feel should be reviewed (rather than PMing any individual). I also hope that you'll be forthcoming with your feedback on how we are collectively doing in our efforts to maintain these forums. You can leave us your notes/concerns/praise for the Mods by emailing us at [email protected] It is my hope, though, that this is a welcome change and I am very thankful for our group of volunteers. Please join our thread here to welcome them!

@Rukia - Closers
@Bunny - Closers
@Hime - Closers
@counterpoint - TERA
@Sarumonin - TERA
@gufymike - TERA
@Ice - Kritika
@RomanHoliday - Kritika


Brian "Brian" from the EME Community Team

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