[NA] Style Lv. 8 | Laid-back PvE Crew

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We're Style!

Artwork by Shu <3

The original purpose of the crew was to provide crew benefits for free but now we also do raids. Yaaay, what a happy turn of events!

Do you not want to pay for crew buffs? We want you.
Do you do PvE casually? We want you.
Do you do PvE seriously? We want you.
Do you lurk in chat? We want you.
Do you speak too much in chat? We want you.
Do you spend hours on end stalking the board so you can scrape off profits from people who underprice? We want you.
Are you lazy? We want you.

Whoever you are, we want you!

But FYI we tend to stay away from PvP.

What dailies/raids do you guys do?

  • All Contributions (Tia, Mephisto/Vitus, Gremory (Normal & Adv), Irina/David, Puri; carries available for all)
  • Doppelganger
  • Purification
  • Purification Hell (We have carries)
  • Purification Hell Overflow (We have carries)
  • Purification Replica (We have carries)
  • Tiamat Sets (Multiple carries, some members do >4 sets/day)
  • Event Dungeons
  • Crew Dungeons (We always clear to Stage 7 every week!)

Do you guys have discord?

Yes! The link is posted on crew message when you join.

Current Stats

Level: 8
Active Mascots:

  • Silver Crew Flag - +150 Physical/Psi Attack -or- Bronze Crew Flag - +100 Physical/Psi Attack
  • Cute Cat Desk - +10% Physical & Psi Critical Damage
  • Birthday Food - +10% Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • J Logo Sofa - +10% EXP, Credit Bonus, and Item Drop Rate Bonus
  • Kendo Protection Equipment - +7% Air Strike, Chase, and Back Attack Damage
  • Punch Man - +10% Air Strike, Chase, and Back Attack Defense Penetration
  • Dragon Sculpture - +5% Damage when in Empowered State

UNION Club Support Willum (crew shop) is only put upon request.

Area Reputation Buffs:

  • Planar Gate Lv. 10 - Max HP +1200, Physical/Psi Critical Damage +10%, Bonus Credit/EXP +7%, Find Item Bonus +15%
  • UNION Division HQ Lv. 10 - same as above
  • Dimensional Ops Center Lv. 10 - same as above
  • Refit Sky Ship Lv. 10 - same as above
  • International Airport Lv. 10 - same as above


Nothing too strict, just:
1. Everything already in En Masse's rules of conduct
2. Kicked from crew after 2 weeks inactive (This is to make sure we have a large amount of people benefiting from circle buffs. There are no hard feelings intended with a kick, and all non-problematic ex-members will always be welcomed back!)


To join:
1. Open main menu (default key: ESC)
2. Select 'Crew' (green shield icon)
3. Located at the top right of the pop up, select the magnifying glass.
4. Located at the top right of the new pop up, enter 'Style' (without quotations) into the search field & click on the magnifying glass next to the field.
5. Our crew should show up in the search results—click 'Join Crew Request' to apply.

Thank you for your interest in our crew!


  • I'd love to join, the community is always important to me in games and Style seems to be right up my alley. I applied in-game and hope I get in! :>

  • Hmm, i tried to join today and its full haha i'll wait a little

  • Some space has been cleared out, thanks for informing me

  • Bumpingtons

  • KhleysKhleys Member


  • Are there any spaces available to join? I checked online and it seems like its full.

  • KhleysKhleys Member

    @mabotofu said:
    Are there any spaces available to join? I checked online and it seems like its full.

    Probably won't be any available space until about a week from now, if anybody decides to quit '~'

  • OobeeOobee Member

    Submitted a crew request today. Hoping to get in~
    Account name: Oobee
    Char name: Nibbs
    Discord: Oobee#2988

  • NuplumeNuplume Member
    edited August 2019

    Account name: Nuplume
    character: Lumms lvl 81 (Violet main)
    Time zone: +9 EST
    Login times: Flexible on log in times
    Reason for wishing to join: Making friends, doing dailies and progressing.

  • bumpity bump (wow it's been ages)

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