Bitna's gacha needs to seriously be looked at

I'll state my main thought/goal from the start for people with low attention spans: The costume drop rate needs to be increased in Bitna's gacha, and some of the "trash" pulls removed.

To add onto my main goal, the following assumptions will be made for my point:
1. The costume drop rate has not changed since open beta, or at least since the first massive change to gacha (when all the Brilliant accessories were removed).
2. The approximate total spending on gacha has not changed. (Obviously it has fluctuated but a consistent spending per gacha release proves my point more.)

First and foremost, I don't think that Bitna's machines have gotten into such a bad state due to anything that Naddic or EME has DIRECTLY done, but rather as an unintended consequence of positive change. What do I mean by this? Well, it's obvious that there has been continual inflation of costume pricing over the past year, and in fact EME has done their part to try and counteract this by putting full sets as rewards in other places (full Desperado sets in the Zenith Mega Boxes, full Lace sets in the Golden Gift Boxes). However, making costume set floods like this is more like trying to give a band-aid solution than actually fixing the problem.

A lot of players blame this costume inflation on the removal of fatigue, and I do agree that it is a factor. However, I think one important factor in the inflation that people are forgetting is the release of new characters. What do I mean by that? Well, let's compare:

  • At the start of Closers Open Beta, we had 6 characters: Seha, Sylvi, J, Yuri, Misteltein, Levia. In a set like the original Icon gacha, there were 6 pieces per color, 3 color variations (Sapphire, Ruby, and Onyx. Ivory was Founder pack only at that time and Amethyst wouldn't release until much later with the gel system). With 6 characters, 3 color variations, and 6 pieces per set, we get a total of 108 potential costume pieces.
  • A more recent set like the Lovely Lace set had 13 characters (Seha/Sylvi/J/Yuri/Misteltein, Nata/Levia/Harpy/Tina/Violet, Wolfgang/Luna/Soma), 3 color variations, and 6 pieces to a set. This set has 234 potential costume pulls. (Yes I know the Lace armbands exist so technically 237, but accessories are universal and not character specific.)

The potential costume pool has massively increased since open beta, but it does not seem like the actual costume drop rate has increased much, if at all. Around a month and a half ago I participated in a fun "unboxing challenge" with another streamer, where we both bought the 150 washing machines for 4,500 EMP bundle during the Black Friday sales. In our 300 combined pulls, there was a total of 2 full 2* boxes, 4 3* costumes, and 60 2* pieces. I'd like to think that this is a decent enough sample size, and it's showing around a 22% chance of a costume dropping from gacha. Of the remaining rolls, only 46 others were worth noting (generally acceptable pulls such as EB2s, Fortifiers, Random Chip boxes, Plat drivers, Any of the otherworldly supply boxes, pets, cybernetic accessories, wings, etc.)

How the character pool increasing impacts the pull rates is that without an increase to the overall costume drop rate with the addition of new potential pulls, the supply of any individual piece becomes lower and lower. There have been individual pieces that end up taking over a week just to find a seller due to the dilution of the pool, and you can bet that players put in the position of buying here aren't going to get it for a cheap price. New release costumes shouldn't be 3x the price of Zenith in any given slot due to the drop from gacha being that low.

I understand a need to dilute the reward pool in order to gain profit, but the point gacha is at has it so diluted that a lot of players are stopping their gacha rolling, myself included. It doesn't feel good to roll a 10x gacha and get zero costume pulls. It doesn't feel good to roll 100+ gacha and get zero pieces for the character I play, and to not have enough costume pieces for other characters to trade for pieces for my character. This in turn lowers the supply of any individual piece more, which can be part of the huge inflation.

What is a good potential solution for this? Like I wrote at the start, increasing the drop rate is likely the best solution. However, to increase the drop rate we need to make room for it. I already have a list of potential gacha pulls that can be gotten rid of, as well as reasoning why for each:
1. Resurrection Capsules. There are two types of players in Closers: Ones with zero res capsules and ones with thousands. Some players have over 3,000 in storage and can only store 999 on a character. Resurrection capsules shouldn't be in gacha, it should be something that drops naturally in stages at semi-high frequency for players.
2. Enhancement catalysts. The ONLY use for this item is to remove the cost from enhancing. It sounds good in a vacuum, but the problem is at any enhancement at +10 or higher you're going to use another additive instead of this, and at any enhancement below +10 you're just going to use a +10 booster. These could be useful if we could use 10 of them to negate the cost of crafting a +10 booster, but since we can't our choice is to either wait 30-40 seconds for every single enhancement level up to +10, just for it to immediately reset to 0. All this item does is make saving a bit of money in enhancing take forever.
3. +11 booster. You can get these from doing the Tiamat sides repeatable, and we get +12 boosters from events all the time. This feels like the second biggest waste of a pull.
4. +12 booster. This feels like it's better as an event item than a gacha item.
5. Expert Exploration Tickets. If I have enough EMP to buy 10 rolls of gacha, I can buy a month of maid service and get much better exploration end time.
6. Phase Fiber, Greater Phase Fiber, Splendid Phase Fiber. Don't get me wrong, these items ARE useful, but let's be honest here: If I need fibers I can just salvage the costumes I pull. Why is a salvaged costume's remains even allowed to a pull when most people want the costumes?
7. Talisman boxes. Most of the community hates pulling these since the item has no real permanence. I've talked before about how permanence of an item sways people's view on it, and a item that is a non-tradable 24 hour buff is something most people dislike when they are spending real world money to get permanent costumes.

In summary, some kind of permanent fix regarding the drop frequency of costumes needs to be done in Closers, as right now the increasing dilution of the potential costume poll with no apparent changes to the overall drop rate has caused people getting the specific pulls they want on the secondary market to become a lot more harder/more expensive.

What do you think? Should the rate be increased? Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

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The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased
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The costume drop rate from gacha is fine as is
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  • The costume drop rate from gacha is fine as is

    I actually missclicked- intended to vote for "The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased"

  • The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    Tried gatcha first time after schödingers cat costume arrived. Next thing i know I'm 200 euro poorer and got enough stockings and luna pants to fit whole U.S army. Not a single tail though, just incredible amount of same copy pasta items. Ohh and from accessories got just DC crown, so did feel like a total waste.

    Of all promoted items you can see and have eyes run around wildly expecting a chance to get smth useful, you will get 80% of time exactly items mentioned. Minus boosters.

  • The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    If someone say the costume rate is fine as is have brain dmg by the true dmg of seha

  • flumculusflumculus Member
    edited January 2019
    The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    In which channel did you open the WMs? Bitna keeps reminding me that drops may change depending on the channel you're in, everytime I do the very first WM quest.

    The reason I ask is: You're costume drop rate seems still a bit better than mine :s I opened a total of 450 WMs, and got 75 2* (or 16.7% chance vs your 20%), 11 no-accessory-3* (2.4% chance, ok that one is better), and not a single costume box (a very sad 0% chance). Meanwhile talisman boxes had the second highest drop rate (8.2%). Hmm... Maybe I should post the complete data set somewhere (yes, I keep a spreadsheet of every WM I opened...)

    Personally, I liked the way they did it with the domestic set. Have two different washing machines for the wolfdog crew and the black lambs, rather than pooling all the costumes into one. That would be an alternative to the unlikely event of EME actually increasing costume droprates.

    Oh, and I did not actually spend $450 on WMs... that'd be silly :p . ~200 came from housing, daily platinum gift, and event crafting. The rest were bought in discount bundles. I hope that doesn't skew the drop rate...

  • I just think if we took the talisman boxes out and the res capsules everything will be fine.
    If we get the one KR update those Catalyst will become somewhat usefull. if barely.

  • The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    Unironically stopped spending on gacha as soon I noticed that no matter how much cash I drop I can't get a single piece for the character I want, I sure do gets tons of pills or revives but I'm always forced to just straight up buy from the market (Assuming people are rolling and assuming they are also getting costume drops).
    Every new character they release it makes more painful this process so you will definitively see me encouraging the actual content patches as opposed to a new character release solely based on this.

  • The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    Im still new but i decided to avoid spending anything just by looking at what is in there and the chances to get what i want. its plain awful and needs to be SERIOUSLY looked into

  • The costume drop rate from gacha should be increased

    Very late chiming in on this, but these are some great suggestions. I agree that the gacha pool is very bloated, especially with the gacha pools that include costume pieces for all characters.

    I don't spend too much EMP on gacha/washing machines (especially now), but from past experience, I've had a much better experience with gachas featuring one character (i.e. Luna's Royal Winter) as opposed to, say, the summer gachas with all characters' costumes included. (i.e. Tide machines). I think if, for the latter types of gacha boxes, the rate for costume pieces for the character you're using the washing machines on could be increased, that would be a great start.

    Also, a big yes to Talisman boxes being removed from the washing machines. They are nice buffs IMO, but I don't use them very often, and I've seen more than enough of them from Bitna.

  • Yes at least they should have gacha for certain groups like wg and wd. Or wd and BL. To limit the draws to make it more friendly.

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