Alpha and Beta?

On my En Masse account, it says for Closers, Beta Waitlist. I know the Alpha is a thing that starts tomorrow (don't have a code, dunno if I'll get one, that's fine), but is there going to be a separate stage, i.e. the Beta, or is that just the title for the alpha atm? I just wanna be sure before I expect anything.

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    There will definitely, be a beta stage. Alpha is just like beta, just even beta-er than beta (more buggy goodness). I got an email that said I could play in Alpha, there is no code, just open the launcher, and Closers will be downloadable (check the "promotions" tab, if on Gmail, it was there and I almost missed it)


  • Yea your account gets instant access no code if you got in. Then just download from launcher. If not then we got to wait till another alpha phase (if they do that) or till beta testing.

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