Post Server Merge Announcement

Greetings Closers,

As of today, January 30th, the EU/NA server merge is complete, and the World Server now exists!

During this maintenance, we encountered an issue that blocks players from being able to use housing features and items. Due to this, we are temporarily shutting off housing, and removing purchasable housing items from the EMP Shop. We fully expect housing to be re-implemented along with the February 12 update, at which point items will be added back to the shop, and housing will re-open for use and exploration.

Because of the nature of this inconvenience, we are working with Naddic to create a compensation package that will be delivered to players that are directly affected by this, such as pre-existing maid/garden time, exploration, etc. Once we have solidified these details, we will let players know as soon as possible.

While in game from now to February 12, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING ANY OF YOUR HOUSING ITEMS. You may experience being kicked from the game as a result, and to ensure as smooth an experience as possible, we want to keep you free of any in-game issues.

Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding in this, and welcome to a bright new future of Closers, together!

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