Closers - First year of launch Anniversary Reward

1 Malek crystal for first anniversary reward.... yeah.
Thats one of the worst things you could've given to us, especially since some players can get hundreds of malek crystals every day.


  • It's kinda pathetic, but with so many other problems this game has; it's kinda sad to say but this is like last thing one would care about..

  • so many things to be mad about these last few days that probably almost everyone completely forgot the fact that they are celebrating first anniversary with a single Malek LOL, we need to address this more...!

  • Probably is just that the one that had more significance was the Closed Beta anniversary and not the full release, as many things were gifted last November
    Probably they could have given out a cooler gift or a Scavenger Box instead

  • wahahaha what a great reward.
    i can get that anniversay reward everyday ez.

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