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Closers - First year of launch Anniversary Reward

1 Malek crystal for first anniversary reward.... yeah.
Thats one of the worst things you could've given to us, especially since some players can get hundreds of malek crystals every day.


  • It's kinda pathetic, but with so many other problems this game has; it's kinda sad to say but this is like last thing one would care about..

  • so many things to be mad about these last few days that probably almost everyone completely forgot the fact that they are celebrating first anniversary with a single Malek LOL, we need to address this more...!

  • Probably is just that the one that had more significance was the Closed Beta anniversary and not the full release, as many things were gifted last November https://closers.enmasse.com/news/posts/there-s-a-new-closer-in-town
    Probably they could have given out a cooler gift or a Scavenger Box instead

  • wahahaha what a great reward.
    i can get that anniversay reward everyday ez.

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