2/13 Bug fixes & Known issues

Bug Fixes:

Black Market:

  • Soma and Wolfgang’s Special Agent costumes can now be sold on the Black Market.

Character Customization:

  • Visual Frames for EU players should now be transferred over and usable now! (Please let us know if you are still running into issues with these.)

General Localization:

  • Fixed some localization bugs in team 3’s quest line.
  • Renamed the “Change Character Image” button to “Character Customization” which is more accurate for what that UI menu does.

Loading Screens:

  • The loading screens for Ancient Monster’s Domain, Abyssal Throne and Tiamat have been returned to their default loading screen art.

Known Issues:


  • Quest items are missing names and descriptions for area 9, these will be fixed soon!
  • Some characters 3-star Shama costumes are misnamed, these will also be fixed soon!
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