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Important Information Regarding Deleted EU Characters

During the server merge that created the WORLD SERVER, it was stated that Characters with higher levels/exp and earlier creation dates would be transferred first. Unfortunately it would appear that there was an issue during the merge that caused this not to be so, resulting in some characters being mistakenly deleted.

We are working on getting these characters restored, but we need some interaction from you first.


  1. Go to support.enmasse.com/closers and select the blue button titled "Contact Support".
  2. Select the game "Closers", and the issue type as "2019 Server Merge".
  3. In the description, provide the following:
    *The name of the EU character that was deleted but needs to be restored.
    *The name of the character on the WORLD server that needs to be deleted to be replaced by the EU character above.
  4. That's it!

You have from now until February 27th at 5pm PST to create and submit this ticket. Due to the nature of how these characters are being restored, we are NOT able to restore these characters after this time frame.

Once the timeframe has completed and the information has been sent to Naddic, we will deliver an ETA on when these characters will be restored back your accounts.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and be sure to spread the word!

Remember, complete this by February 27th, 5pm PST! We cannot accept further restoration requests beyond this time frame!

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