Title Revamp

Would be nice if the title system could get a revamp. As more titles get added, it becomes ever more difficult to scroll through the list to find the ones you want. It would be nice if you could access the titles from pages or tabs, with some kind of order to it. For example, you could have sector based tabs, an event based tab, then the rest can go in a general tab. Also, being able to filter between titles with and without stats would be useful.

Also, should the following title really be something to display in everyone's titles list??


  • Completely agree, it can be a real pain to find certain titles on a character.

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Thank you for your suggestion. In fact we will get title revamp in future. It will have some options,filter on it as well.

    Here a sneak peak on what it looks like on Korean version of the game.

  • Since this is still open il just add my 2 cents worth here, since we now have this new achievement and title revamped system with the branch update, out of the titles that are now account wide why are titles like the alpha and the founder titles not included as one of them, when you log into the website and under your account info it says founder account so that must be a means to keep track of who is a founder and who isn't not sure why is wasn't like the elite and platinum titles which are account wide, just sad because i am an owner of a founder title and it looks the best and shows how long you've supported the game to everyone but its just sitting there on my sylvi character that i haven't played since airport release

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