A Purification Ops Event would be nice.

Since EME did not decide to restore purification progress to players, I would like to suggest an event as a compensation.
The event would look like the following:

The Purification Ops sent a distress call

Hello Closers,

The Purification Ops needs your help. A rising amount of dimensional monsters is about to pass through various dimensional rifts, travel beyond the Purification Ops Gate and help defeat our foes. Battle against known forces like Tindalos, Harpas, Nitocris and Yod. You can participate when you have reached a minimum level of 80 and have access to the Purification Ops Center.

During the event you can obtain tokens you can trade for amazing rewards:

-Purification leg accessory and waist accessory (previously needed 150 clears of Harpas or Tindalos)

-A pair of phase wings (previously needed 200 clears of Harpas/Tindalos)

-Other random stuff

All rewards will be untradeable and unpackagable and can't be salvaged for chips/phase fibers.
Good luck on the hunt, Closers!

Something like this would be nice, it gives the players that have lost months of progress the chance to obtain what they farmed for and don't have the will to farm more months for something they should already have but didn't get due to the merge. Also nobody from NA can complain that it is special treatment for EU player because NA also has access to the event.

I know it might not be the best solution but it's just something that came to my mind.

tl;dr: lololol EME doesn't even care anyways why am I doing this.


  • Love this idea.

  • Good Idea and probably not so hard to do considering they are always doing special events. Hope they do something like this.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I support the idea. Love it. I think we should think we should think about how the event idea will work in detail. Would it just be running Puri and getting token drops to craft items? How long would this event run for knowing that we have daily limits? What other rewards besides Puri Phase wings and the two accessories?

  • I thought about this mainly as a compensation for players that lost alot of their progress towards their desired goal (phase wings, accessory missions) so I would suggest that those items that you had to progress through via the mission list should be the main reward for the event. Other standard rewards like res caps/luck stabilizers and other minor items could be added for those players that are overflowing with additional tokens. I don't think KR built a seperate dungeon that would include the purification bosses so I'd say it's best to make the tokens obtainable by clearing the already existing bosses (maybe also the side dungeons with less token rewards). 2-3 Weeks is the average for events so far, maybe that should also be the time by which you have enough tokens for the big rewards. After all, extending the event for too long might go against the idea of obtaining the items people farmed for in a shorter amount of time than before. The idea behind non salvagable rewards is so that people that already have those items can sell/salvage their current ones but not the new ones, so people can't farm the event with many chars and have a huge amount of free materials and chips from it. Maybe it would be best to limit the craft to 1-3 per item per account. I know some people had more than one char farming towards their desired item but it should probably not go too out of hand since those are still some of the best gear items in the game at the moment. I'm hoping that people give it a thought about how to best approach such an event so everyone can benefit from it and enjoy it without breaking the game.

  • yeah more chance of dropping Puri Visor aka the nonexistent item =D

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