Cat Club gacha... Where do I even begin with the issues?

With today's patch, the 'Cat Club' gacha has been brought to the live servers, and honestly the amount of ways that this "new content" sickens me is beyond my belief.

I suppose the first thing I can comment on is the image preview in the washing machines:

For anyone who looked at Bitna's gacha/the EMP store between the dates of 1/7/2019 and 2/12/2019, you should immediately recognize the costume used for the image here is in fact NOT the Cat Club set, but is instead the Stray Cat set. I'm willing to bet that at least one player will end up rolling this gacha for Stray Cat pieces and ultimately get "tricked" by this blatantly false advertising. What makes it even worse is that the model preview shows the RIGHT set, as shown here:

So the advertisement image doesn't match the product inside at all, and this is supposed to be fine?

The second thing I want to comment on is the implementation of this. When the Cat Club sets originally came out, a full set was purchasable for 2,000 EMP from the store. This was here for a limited time until it left the store. From there it became a reward in the "super gacha" sets (like the MEGA Hyper-Clocked Random Box shown here: Now it's just a straight up gacha? I don't see what the problem with making it a permanent EMP store item was in the first place, but I guess maximizing profits is more important than keeping happy customers.

The third thing that absolutely disgusts me is the existence of four items in the Cat Club gacha: The 'Tawny Cat Club Choker', the 'Black Cat Club Choker', the 'Tawny Cat Club Fluffy Tail', and the 'Black Cat Club Fluffy Tail'. This is the first time that these accessories have been put into the game, despite this being at least the FOURTH time these costumes have been obtainable by one mean or another. A perfect example of this proof can be found here, where it states that the Tawny and Black cat club boxes are "5 pieces". However, today's release proves that the sets are 7 piece sets instead of 5. The fact that these pieces were not featured in either of the times the sets were put into the "super gacha" prize pools or when the full sets were sold in the store is beyond asinine, and as a player who did buy these sets when they were released as box sets I feel that ALL players who got these boxed sets either from the "super gacha" or from the store should be compensated the accessories to these sets, as well as compensation like this SHOULD be the norm for any future time where it turns out costumes sold as a "full set" are in fact missing a piece or two.

Ignoring this issue of pieces missing from a "full set" being sold sets a dangerous precedence for what EME as a company is able to do, and will just give players MORE fuel to add on the fire about the issues with how Closers is being run. I hope to all that is holy in life that points 1 and 3 get fixed asap, and point 2 is given the proper respect it deserves about how pushing all monetization toward gacha is ultimately going to piss off what's left of this game's playerbase and kill the game.


  • I agree with you SuzumiyaSolbane, also yes they should make the sets be a permanent emp shop item and yes I think they should compensate people who got those "full sets" should get the missing accessories

  • Seems like a few more things should be in the cash shop and not the gacha to me. Things without emotes or art tied to it 'atleast'. Like the Battle Dress set. Unfortunately I feel like they're not going to go back and find out who got what in order to give people the accessories they DIDN'T get even if everyone wanted them to.

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