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Are monthly attendance rewards underwhelming?

edited March 14 in Closers Feedback

If we compare the rewards from the kr attendance and the world server, there are very large discrepancies.

Here is the link for full disclosure: http://closers.nexon.com/news/events/View.aspx?n4ArticleSN=2079

Key differences to note are the maid/fairy and elite vouchers. Here we get 3 days of maid/fairy and that is about it, whereas in korea they get in total 14 days of maid/fairy and 7 days elite vouchers. Also, they get a +12/+13 bag( which to be honest it is almost always a +12) and here we get just a +12.

Yeah i know they are ahead in content and have things like the reworked tunnig system, but the point i want to get across is that logging in daily doesn't feel very worthwhile.


  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    To me, yes, they are. However, we've asked about updating the monthly attendance a few times. Just a few weeks ago we've received word from Naddic, in which they responded "If there's high need for it, we can look into it. We'll try to plan for a renew in April".

    Now, I don't believe it'll be exactly to what the link you posted from KR's site, as our region isn't near that level and won't be come April. But it will be updated nevertheless.

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