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A catch up system suggestion

I will present an ordered idea based on references to other currently existing MMORGPs, like WOW and FF14.

Current situation

  1. The content of the ENMASSE Closers game is currently large
  2. Raids or old group content does not decrease difficulty or requirement of groups of players.
  3. New players can not reach the old ones because they can not find groups for old content.


A. Each "new raid" retains the current ideology, which means:

  • Requires a group of 4 players
  • Has a high, very high or hardcore level of difficulty

B. Each raid of 1 past season reduces its requirements by 25%, which means:

  • Requires a group of 3 players
  • Damage and life of instance boss reduced by 25%

C. Each raid of 2 past seasons reduces its requirements by 50%, which means:

  • Requires a group of 2 players
  • Damage and life of instance boss reduced by 50%

D. Each raid of 3 or more seasons past reduces its requirements by 75%, which means:

  • No group required
  • Damage and life of instance boss reduced by 75%

E. Difficulties can not be reduced to less than 75% and are not modified in the future

Possible Effects

  • New players progress in the content without the problem of not finding groups of old players who have to help them.
  • Old players focus on the new group content as they usually do.
  • Old and new players return and / or complete past content.
  • Old and new players have more ways to reach their friends and / or alts.


  • VagathVagath Member
    edited March 15

    I think what you are suggesting is out of the scope of what they can do as a publisher. However, there is something the korean servers does that helps the issue you present ( i do not know if this is also the case here). For brand new accounts and only for your very fist character you get a box with freebies, you can open it every 10 level or so and it gives you old content gear, such as pg 75 trinkets to bring you up to speed with the lattest content. Right now they should probably get you something like: t5/t3 core at least +12, ideally +13, t3/zenith modules and pg 75/puri trinkets. That way new players could jump to puri hell/wg that is the current content.

  • BunnyBunny Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Moved to feedback category and removed your duplicated post. Reminder to just make 1 post of the same thread at a time. ty!

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