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revamp for hall of dragons and endless elevator

current reward system should be more in line with current content.


  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I would love to hear what is your suggestion? What do you want to see in there and how many?

  • I'd like to see a lvl85 Spec-Ops revamp as well. At this point most people don't even bother with any of them anymore, except a 1x a week Hall of Dragon run to get the participation rewards. It's kinda sad since I though they were actually kinda fun to run.

    My simple suggestion: Just bring the enemies up to lvl85 standards with regards to HP and damage (at the moment they seem to be still stated for lvl63...). Then add useful rewards to the completion list, aka puri mats (Multi-frags, Dark Matter, reanimators etc) and enhancement/chip mats (GB4s, -1s, EB2s, slot mods, etc) with some Fibers, Stickies, and maleks thrown in for good measure.

    Definitively no key shafts or goblets...

  • ElfgahrElfgahr Member
    edited March 23

    As someone who have been away from the game for a while, may I suggest Special Ops Area as a mean for catching up or for veterans to quickly build new characters?
    On average, I think the difficulty should be raised a bit as well as exp gain.

    Dimensional Doppleganger

    • Raise difficulty
    • Increase exp
    • Reward: include PNA Evolve Gene upgrade materials.
    • It also would be nice if we can do it 3 times a day like we used to.

    Hall of Dragon:

    • maybe give some stat penalty like -50% damage and +25% received damage for "somewhat" gear fairness and the shake of ranking and competition.
      01- Sticky Residue
      02- Phase Fiber
      03- Luck Stabilizer
      04- PNA Special Gene evolution material
      05- token to craft character's Promotion uniform pieces people may have missed out on; or exchange for phase fiber and malek crystal.
      06- Transcendence Dust
      07- Contaminated Dimensional Essence
      08- 10x Contribution Points
      09- 2x Scavenger's Gold Treasure Chest
      10- 1x Bitna washing machine ticket

    Completely unrelated request: can you remove soft cap for Skill cost and cool down reduction?

  • JadeClosersJadeClosers Member
    edited April 1

    I dont agree on the "Stat Fairness" Everyone can get the same thing if one person did. For example you dont chain the athlete who trained for the thing(gearing up for EE and HOD in this case) and give adrenaline to the athlete who didnt train(the undergeared people in this case) in a race.

    I'd like it better if that transcendence dust was replaced with EB2 since some players do the HOD and EE for eb2s

    Dimensional dopplegangers are fine as it is, I think giving a bit more items would be better though. Bright side:on the old dim dopplegangers you werent guaranteed eb2/splendid fiber in runs, you're guaranteed a few now, Accesory drops are a nice addition too. They could change accesory and weapon/moduld drops since it still drops refit items though Cons: 3 runs -> 1 run(not really a con though since it can save time for the players who dont have that much time)

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