Revamp the blocking system please

Who thought it was a good idea to make it so you can only block people you have added as a friend? Why would I want to block someone I like compared to a person I don't know who wants to harass me by whispering. Sure people will say just ignore it, but it's still annoying when I'm trying to talk to other people in my crew or gen chat, and have someone attempting to troll me. I've actually asked people to add me as a friend so I can block them because I don't care to deal with aggressive players in this game. Of course people just go off harder about this. For the love of gaming make a block system that makes sense... Why can't I just type "/block username)" What's up with that. Also if you do switch up something to make blocking more reliable, please don't limit how many people I can block. I've had to deal with people who have a multitude of alts as well on other games that even if you block one they will hop to an alt and harass you more.


  • @SansScythe said:
    being there is no such system in the Korean version will not have in the NA version.

    the NA version and only a copy of the kR version.
    even if they create a new system it would take months until the NA version.

    that en masse can only make a request to naddic game about it.

    example: still do not have the BM private that exists in the Korean version and the fatigue system still exists in the NA version just enter the house to see it.

    Of course nothing will happen if nobody says anything. That is why I am making a suggestion here. There is plenty of things the NA version changes from the KR version. If the community comes together here we can get EME to put in work and change the game. It's not even a large change more of an implementation.

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I totally agree that our current blocking system is pretty weird. I already recommend/suggestion for the change of that system to the more normal blocking system that typical mmo have. (aka add the person name/nick to block list that's it)

  • i agree, great suggestion / feedback.

  • @tarxt0z i dont really appreciate you using that name, it offends me :c

  • For now, you can add the person and block later hahah

    "can we be friends?" <3


  • @Piccola said:
    For now, you can add the person and block later hahah

    "can we be friends?" <3


    It's funny I have actually tried this twice, but the players both said no because they wanted to keep talking crap :/

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    I'm going to close this topic. Thank you for your suggestion. We totally agree with this suggestion and have forward that to Naddic. We will make announcement as soon as we have more info in matter.

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