Uninstall-Chi Art Shop

Since Closers NA is already in OBT I shall Open my Art Shop!

I am Selling art commissions for Credits/Nexon Cash [Korea]/EMP/ Paypal
Rates: 10$:???credits[ don't know rates in NA server yet]


  • Chibi/SD version
  1. Head Shot: 5$
  2. Chest Shot: 7.5$
  3. Waist Shot: 10$
  4. Full body Shot: 15$

Normal version:
Head Shot: 10$
Chest Shot: 15$
Waist Shot: 20$
Full body Shot: 30$
Commission requirements:
2. In-game character's view on all sides, front, back, and sides.
3. the commissioner have to pay after I showed a ROUGH SKETCH of their commission.(edited)

**Site: **

Samples: [posting only closers related works]


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