Closers Roadmap, other tweaks that might help improve the game.

As we seen after the last patch not everyone was pleased with the few things we got, since i am familiar with you as a publisher and seen what you can do it would be a great addition to the website or the forums. It would cause people to be less disappointed in something we might receive and when they can expect their beloved content to be released. And will cause less drama around here and such.

Some inventory tweaks by removing and merging some items so we are not clogged up with junk in our Inventory, less buff potions instead merge them together, make HP and MP potions into 1 potion fuels and other consumables i think this would be a great addition to f2ps since you have to store stuff like every 5 runs because too much stuff is droping. Also with consumables i would like to see some use of strength potions like we stock pile on the in thousands you use one and rop 7 more like let us craft a stronger one or let it bee a feeder for some kind of craftings,

Tooltips and stamina explanation, < this needs to be a mandatory thing that should be displayed in the game there are people that still don't understand how things work people are confused about it and since we still haven't seen these get it in there.

LASTLY Black Market for gods sake why isn't this thing in all hubs? its so annoying to run to the first hub again and again just to list and buy something like what? other servers have such feature whats the meaning of our bm being just in one hub? some explanation? or something. I don't see the point here lol if i am max level for the fact that i have to travel to the first hub just to sell something and then go back. If not then let us place 1 more mascot in our crew bases so we can get the bm NPC there.


  • Would be nice to have a cross region BM, because right now EU BM is almost dead =(
    Dunno if its possible tho.

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