Is Special Agent available for any of the chars?

Hiya I apologize if this has been already asked, but I was wondering if anyone knows if/when special agent is coming as well as Nata?

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    As far as i know of no, is the simple answer ur going to get. Esp since theyre only adding just area 7(aka LBK / Airship or w/e they localzied it to), and no tiamat yet to proceed into the 3rd job promo / quest(from the looks of the update theyre putting).

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    If they are smart and dont want to keep their player base bored for the next month it should look somthing like this. They will probably do 70 Cap (which was already announced )> Tiamat > Nata > then Special Crew (prob in batches of 2's like DFO did 2nd awakening). If they release nata before tiamat im like 90% sure some people will prob just quit or take a hiatus from the game. As if they aren't already.

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    If its either tiamat or nata after they do 70 cap it still won't please everyone. A lot of people are waiting on either. Like myself, i wil prob do some stuff on my Yuri and do tiamat then take another break till Nata is released since that is what i am mostly waiting for.


  • Thanks for the answers guys :). I shall eagerly await!

  • EME said closers NA/EU should be at the same point like KR in nine months. the next patch giving lvl 70 and farming the new weapon and the 2/2 module set for PRE TIAMAT gear. IMHO the 3rd promotion wont get released in the near future, maybe in some months :)

  • You can't even start the quest whiout Tiamat dungeon lol.

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    @Yoburi said:
    You can't even start the quest whiout Tiamat dungeon lol.

    then its more like pre pre tiamat (the new map is LKB) gear i dont know. i played some time on KR and i know most guys using the LKB weapon core an the module set.

    my gear looked like this before tiamat:

    mirage lantern, golem slayers sword and no eyes scythe as weapon core
    Ideal Oblast/Wildfire/Veiled Module with 2/2 set of LKB modules
    super terror/charismatic/gravestone 3/3 set with pure vilante/garom/sparom 3/5 shield set

    later with tiamat u can use the jester and hollow stuff

  • 70 cap > Nata > Harpy > Tiamat

  • 70 cap > Whatever the heck EME wants idc > ??? > Profit

  • @FoSizzle said:
    70 cap > Whatever the heck EME wants idc > ??? > Profit

    Content is right, order's off.
    70 cap > Profit > Whatever the heck EME wants idc > ???


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