Who are you planning to main? (and some questions for the staff members)



    1. Played JP, it's weird hearing the KR voices since I'm so used to JP
    2. Yuri until we get Harpy and Tina, probably a bit of Selubi here and there as well. Mostly Tina though.
    1. Never played
    2. Anyone who has SPIN TO WIN, I'm planning to main Misteltein, then Yuri
    1. Never played Closers before but I have had people recommend it to me.
    2. Sylvi. Hands down.
  • SehaSeha Member
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    1. I have played JP first then onto Code, but now I'm probably planning on being active for NA!
    2. Seha, maybe J, Misteltein, and possibly Nata. Thinking about Wolfgang when he arrives.
  • 1.KR and JP [not often]
    2. Tina, Seulbi, Violet, Levia [i can main 4 right???]

    1. nope
      i barely know anything about this game
      i just heard about the na server and i was like sweet ok

    2. i've played yuri and i really like her, but i've also got my eyes on the lil dude and big tiddy demon girl

  • 1) I have played 1 hour of Code Closers before school claimed my time completely... I fought back and now have time again.
    2) I wanna play Misteltein and a recent conversation in the Closers discord has only intensified that desire all the more (prays to get into the next round of the Alpha).

    1. First time experiance both with Closers and Alpha testing a game (finally I can have a title that shows I deserve my name!)
    2. Yuri for Black Lambs + Sylvi as a secondary main, due to their personalities and well I just love dual-wielding. Tina for Wolfdogs + Harpy as a secondary main, I can't say no to anyone who uses a sniper and I have always loved characters who use playing cards as a weapon (Gambit is my favorite X-Man)
  • 1) First time playing Closers and been anticipating this game to come to NA for a long time!!
    2) Started off with maining Yuri right now but will at least try each during Alpha test. I look forward to playing Tina when she is released :)

  • @AlphaPhenix said:
    Alpha testing a game (finally I can have a title that shows I deserve my name!)

    oh, nice to know that i'm not the only 1 that've never played Alpha before... I've played CBT, but nothing earlier than that

    1. Never. But since I am suffering from withdrawal now, going to play on CODE
    2. Yuri~~~~
  • 1.Never played before
    2.Seulbi, Seha and Tina

    1. Never played
    2. I'm maining the Trap
    1. Played on KR for a short while, but that was almost a year ago.
    2. Sylvi. Will play Levia, Tina and Violet a lot once they are released but Sylvi will stay my main.
    1. KR.
    2. I want to main someone different on this server, so I'm not sure. Thinking of Tein, J, or Levia.
    1. CODE:Closers
    2. Sylvi and Yuri (I can't decide yet, probably Sylvi though) and Harpy when she comes out <3
    1. Never before! I'm really enjoying Alpha atm though.
    2. Yuri. She's way too fun :)
    1. Code:closers 2. Seulbi and Tina are my waifus but Tina is my main bae
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