Release Special Agent with Nata

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I think 2 weeks after Tiamat would be a good time to bring out Special Agent and make a lot of Nata fans happy too.

Release Special Agent with Nata 34 votes

Yes for Special Agent promotion
AurackTrickZeroSuccubustyShadladElfgahrDeberisUtsuAllegraDraciusenKouichiiEllegonCholNGDL6KKAEHAzumitanIttoShuraYunisiki9KFNKN3YWXShardzDoesGamingmilkawwGardAffix 24 votes
No for Special Agent promotion
TheReapersPokechuScarletDevilChromatianMuhrRTEFHKMRKLWJAAYL33E3a9TailsCR7A47TRN9FinalHalation 10 votes


  • If they release SA Nata, they just need to bring all Characters to SA and we dont have all the Wolfdogs too, so is kinda soon for that ( Talking about that most the patches and events are going to intercalate and that is gonna give problems ). Just to know that IND sever have almost all SA ( I dont very sure ), but we dont know the Order of the SA they gonna bring in this server. For now, we need to wait.

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